Conference Program

Presentation Format

Oral presentations: Each oral presentation is allotted 20 min including a 5 min Q&A session. You may use your own laptop for the presentation. Both HDMI and VGA cables will be available.

Conference Program

The detailed program is available at the FSR2019 Program website.

Coffee breaks will be held in the morning and afternoon. Lunch will be provided on the first and second days of the conference (August 29th and 30th). On the first day, a light, informal dinner will be held on-site at the conference venue. On the second day, a banquet dinner will be held on a traditional Japanese boat cruise. The conference will conclude with a farewell dinner on the final day.

The overview of the schedule is shown below.
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August 29th 2019
Time Activity
09:00-09:15Opening Remarks
09:15-09:20Short Break
09:20-10:20Keynote #1 (Prof. Sanjiv Singh)
10:20-10:40Coffee Break
10:40-12:00Session #1 Ground Vehicles
Paper #47Leo Stanislas, Julian Nubert, Daniel Dugas, Julia Nitsch, Niko Suenderhauf, Roland Siegwart, Cesar Cadena and Thierry Peynot. Airborne Particle Classification in LiDAR Point Clouds Using Deep Learning
Paper #13Kazuki Matsubara and Keiji Nagatani. Improvement in measurement area of three-dimensional LiDAR using mirrors mounted on mobile robots
Paper #8Keiji Nagatani and Masaki Momii. Tethered dual-wheeled robot for exploration of volcanic fumaroles on steep slopes
Paper #27Ryosuke Yajima and Keiji Nagatani. Obstacle climbing of tracked robot for unfixed cylindrical obstacle using subtracks
12:00-13:00Lunch (Foyer)
13:00-14:20Session #2 Service and Transportation
Paper #49David Paz, Po-Jung Lai, Sumukha Harish, Hengyuan Zhang, Nathan Chan, Chun Hu, Sumit Binnani and Henrik Christensen. Lessons Learned From Deploying Autonomous Vehicles at UC San Diego
Paper #12Ahmed Farid and Takafumi Matsumaru. Pre-Robotic Navigation Identification of Pedestrian Crossings \& Their Orientations
Paper #9Shengye Wang, Xiao Liu, Jishen Zhao and Henrik Christensen. Robotic Reliability Engineering: A Story of Long-term TritonBot Development
Paper #17Jialiang Zhao, Jacky Liang and Oliver Kroemer. Towards Precise Robotic Grasping by Probabilistic Post-grasp Displacement Estimation
14:20-14:40Coffee Break
14:40-16:00Session #3 Agriculture & Forest 1
Paper #50Freya Veronika Fleckenstein, Wera Winterhalter, Christian Dornhege, Cédric Pradalier and Wolfram Burgard. Smooth Local Planning Incorporating Steering Constraints
Paper #48Nathan Wallace, He Kong, Andrew Hill and Salah Sukkarieh. Experimental validation of structured receding horizon estimation and control for mobile ground robot slip compensation
Paper #21Sang-Ho Hyon, Yusuke Ida, Kosuke Ueda, Junichi Ishikawa and Minoru Hiraoka. Development of HYDROVER, a Torque-Controlled Hydraulic Rover
Paper #14Stephen Kyberd, Jonathan Attias, Peter Get, Paul Murcutt, Chris Prahacs, Matthew Towlson, Simon Venn, Andreia Vasconcelos, Matthew Gadd, Daniele De Martini and Paul Newman. The Hulk: Design and Development of a Weather-proof Vehicle for Long-term Autonomy in Outdoor Environments
16:00-16:20Coffee Break
16:20-17:40Session #4 Agriculture & Forest 2
Paper #32Ayanori Yorozu, Genya Ishigami and Masaki Takahashi. Ridge-tracking for Strawberry Harvesting Support Robot According to Farmer's Behavior
Paper #33Jean-François Tremblay, Martin Béland, François Pomerleau, Richard Gagnon and Philippe Giguère. Automatic 3D Mapping for Tree Diameter Measurements in Inventory Operations
Paper #36Philippe Dandurand, Philippe Babin, Vladimír Kubelka, Philippe Giguère and François Pomerleau. Predicting GNSS satellite visibility from dense point clouds
Paper #37Philippe Babin, Philippe Dandurand, Vladimír Kubelka, Philippe Giguère and François Pomerleau. Large-scale 3D Mapping of Sub-arctic Forests
17:40-19:10 Light Dinner (Foyer)
August 30th 2019
Time Activity
09:00-10:20Session #5 Space Robotics
Paper #16Jean-Sebastien Fiset, Meysam Effati and Krzysztof Skonieczny. Effects of Turning Radius on Skid-Steered Wheeled Robot Power Consumption on Loose Soil
Paper #43William Reid, Gareth Meirion-Griffith, Sisir Karumanchi, Blair Emanuel, Brendan Chamberlain-Simon, Joseph Bowkett and Michael Garrett. Actively Articulated Wheel-on-Limb Mobility for Traversing Europa Analogue Terrain
Paper #40Eugene Fang and William Red Whittaker. Ray Tracing and Use of Shadows as Features for Determining Location in Lunar Polar Terrain
Paper #28Mickaël Laîné and Kazuya Yoshida. Multi-Rover Exploration Strategies: Coverage Path Planning with Myopic Sensing
10:20-10:40 Coffee Break
10:40-12:00Session #6 Aquatic robotics 1
Paper #3Cedric Pradalier, Stephanie Aravecchia and Francois Pomerleau. Multi-session lake-shore monitoring in visually challenging conditions
Paper #44Nare Karapetyan, Jason Moulton and Ioannis Rekleitis. Meander Based River Coverage by an Autonomous Surface Vehicle
Paper #46Jason Moulton, Nare Karapetyan, Michail Kalaitzakis, Alberto Quattrini Li, Nikolaos Vitzilaios and Ioannis Rekleitis. Dynamic Autonomous Surface Vehicle Controls, Aiding Disaster Response and Enabling Responsible Port Growth
12:00-13:00 Lunch (Foyer)
13:00-14:00Keynote #2 (Prof. Yoshiyuki Sankai)
14:00-14:20 Coffee Break
14:20-15:00Session #7 Aquatic robotics 2
Paper #45Md Modasshir, Sharmin Rahman and Ioannis Rekleitis. Autonomous 3D Semantic Mapping of Coral Reefs
Paper #29Nandeeka Nayak, Makoto Nara, Timmy Gambin, Zoë Wood and Christopher Clark. Machine Learning Techniques for AUV Side Scan Sonar Data Feature Extraction as Applied to Intelligent Search for Underwater Archaeological Sites
15:00-15:30 Move to TechTour
15:30-17:10 Technical Tour
17:10-17:30 Move to Banquet
17:30-20:00 Banquet (Traditional Japanese Boat Cruise)
August 31st 2019
Time Activity
09:00-10:40Session #8 Aerial Robotics and UAVs 1
Paper #2Ji Zhang, Rushat Gupta Chadha, Vivek Velivela and Sanjiv Singh. P-CAL: Pre-computed Alternative Lanes for Aggressive Aerial Collision Avoidance
Paper #4Xuesu Xiao, Jan Dufek and Robin Murphy. Autonomous Visual Assistance for Robot Operations Using a Tethered UAV
Paper #51Tushar Kusnur, Shohin Mukherjee, Dhruv Saxena, Tomoya Fukami, Takayuki Koyama, Oren Salzman and Maxim Likhachev. A Planning Framework for Persistent,Multi-UAV Coverage with Global Deconfliction
Paper #39Kshitij Goel, Micah Corah, Curtis Boirum and Nathan Michael. Fast Exploration using Multirotors: Analysis, Planning, and Experimentation
Paper #38Rik Bähnemann, Nicholas Lawrance, Jen Jen Chung, Michael Pantic, Roland Siegwart and Juan Nieto. Revisiting Boustrophedon Coverage Path Planning as a Generalized Traveling Salesman Problem
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:00Keynote #3 (Prof. Davide Scaramuzza)
12:00-13:40 Lunch (Off-campus)
13:40-14:40Session #9 Aerial Robotics and UAVs 2
Paper #22Andrew Kramer, Mike Kasper and Chris Heckman. VI-SLAM for Subterranean Environments
Paper #18Tung Dang, Frank Mascarich, Shehryar Khattak, Huan Nguyen, Nikhil Khedekar, Christos Papachristos and Kostas Alexis. Field-hardened Robotic Autonomy for Subterranean Exploration
Paper #24Wennie Tabib and Nathan Michael. Simultaneous Localization and Mapping of Subterranean Voids with Gaussian Mixture Models
14:40-15:00 Coffee Break
15:00-16:20Session #10 Construction & Inspection
Paper #10Hendrik Kolvenbach, Giorgio Valsecchi, Ruben Grandia, Antoni Ruiz, Fabian Jenelten and Marco Hutter. Tactile Inspection of Concrete Deterioration in Sewers with Legged Robots
Paper #35Christian Gehring, Péter Fankhauser, Linus Isler, Remo Diethelm, Samuel Bachmann, Marcel Potz, Lars Gerstenberg and Marco Hutter. ANYmal in the Field: Solving Industrial Inspection of an Offshore HVDC Platform with a Quadrupedal Robot
Paper #11Tomohiro Komatsu, Yota Konno, Seiga Kiribayashi, Keiji Nagatani, Takahiro Suzuki, Kazunori Ohno, Taro Suzuki, Naoto Miyamoto, Yukinori Shibata and Kimitaka Asano. Autonomous Driving of Six-Wheeled Dump Truck with Retrofitted Robot
Paper #42Yifang Liu, Jiwon Choi and Nils Napp. Planning for Robotic Dry Stacking with Irregular Stones
16:20-16:30 Short Break
16:30-16:50 Closing
16:50-17:30 Break & Move to Farewell Dinner
17:30-19:30 Farewell Dinner (Cafe Haus)